NYSSA consists of approximately 160 players ranging from 70-92 years of age.

We take the game very seriously, and have a great deal of fun every inning of every game.

We highly recommend that the family and friends of our players not take it personally if the NYSSA player in their life appears to be unhappy or distressed at any time.

As shown in the image above, the player is probably obsessing about their performance during their most recent games.

Give them a little time and patience.

They will eventually snap out of it!

With the emphasis on fun and safety, we are unquestionably highly competitive and organized with all players in uniform and ASA umpires behind the plate each game.

Double headers are played every Monday and Wednesday morning from May through September on turf fields at Wantagh Park and other fields.

Our league is comprised of players with varying abilities all of whom share one common interest-A LOVE FOR THE GAME OF SOFTBALL.

Teams are formed for one year terms, with an annual Manager's draft designed to maximize parity among all teams.

We accommodate our players with features such as courtesy runners after they reach base, separate scoring and strike plates, extra defensive players in the outfield and infield, and other rules all designed to enhance safety and allow senior athletes to compete even if they are limited by injuries and other health issues.

All qualified players are welcome to submit an application regardless of where they live.

If for any reason your application is rejected you will receive a full refund. 

NYSSA BOARD MEMBERS                                          
Jules Balistreri      Commissioner     
Bernie Rosen        Deputy Commissioner                 
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Charlie Schafer     Executive Board Member
​​​​​​​Harvey Brittman    Executive Board Member
Jack Battaglia       Executive Board Member
Jack Bassey          Manager - Mets
Al Cappelli             Manager - Red Sox     
Frank Cecere         Manager - Yankees
Alan Finchley        Manager -  Angels and Webmaster
​​​​​​​Joe O'Shea            Manager -  Orioles
Sam Quaglierini    Manager -  Phillies
Bob Gottlieb          Manager - Marlins
Gene Hennigan     Manager -  Dodgers 
Mike Scotto           Manager-   Brewers 
Bob Joyce             Manager-   Cubs             ​​​​​​​