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                                FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME



The 4th Annual Long Island Senior Softball Championship Tournament will be held on Saturday September 27, 2014 at Wantagh Park Fields 1 & 2.

The first games start promptly at 10am

The Tournament is limited to six teams representing the finest senior softball players in the Long Island area.

The entrance to Wantagh Park is located on Merrick Road, Wantagh.
Wantagh Park is located 50 feet west of the Wantagh Parkway (Exit W6W).
When you enter from Merrick Road you will go on a long winding driveway.
Continue ahead until you reach the ball fields.

Click here to see highlights of the 2011 Tournament on YouTube

All games 7 innings with a one hour 10 minute time limit.
5 run limit each inning until 7th inning.
The "Flip-flop rule" will be used in the 7th inning if the home team is trailing by 5 or more runs.
The home team will be limited to a 5 run lead after the flip-flop rule is applied.

Pitch count starts at 1ball-1strike.
Run-through rule will be used at 2nd and 3rd base

There is a limit of 11 defensive players per team. 

Players playing a defensive position do not have to be in the batting lineup.
Players in the batting lineup do not have to play a defensive position.
There is no limit to the number of players a team may have in their batting lineup.

Multiwall composite bats typically used in ASA Tournaments are not permitted.
Only LISSA approved bats with 2014 gold labels may be used.

Courtesy runners must be approved by the head umpire and must be announced before the first pitch to the next batter.
Any one player may courtesy run only once per inning.
A courtesy runner may not replace a courtesy runner.
If a courtesy runner is on base when it is their turn to bat an out will be called and the next batter in the lineup will be next up.
A player who was courtesy run for may not be used as a courtesy runner in the same inning.

Team Uniforms:
Please wear your LISSA Team Uniform or your Traveling Tournament Team Uniform.

Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in the removal of the player from the game or the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

The Tournament is not affiliated with any League.

The cost for participation is $15 per player, due before the first game of the Tournament.

Click here for the Tournament Player Application.

Alan Finchley
New York Senior Softball Tournament                                                                      
Founder, Director, Team Manager & Player