In Case of Emergency

In case of emergency at the playing field DO NOT CALL 911.
Help Save A Life.
Save emergency phone numbers in your cell phone.
Call the local Fire Department and if needed call Park Administration

Wantagh Park. 
Call Wantagh Fire Department  516-785-0215. 
If needed also call Wantagh Park Administration 516-571-7460.

Cantiague Park. 
Call Hicksville Fire Department 516-733-3210. 
If needed also call Cantiague Park Administration 516-571-7058.

Newbridge Road Park. 
Call Bellmore Fire Department 516-783-6600. 
If needed also call Newbridge Road Park Administration 516-783-2503.

Baldwin Park. 
Call Baldwin Fire Department 516-223-0066. 
If needed also call Baldwin Park Administration 516-546-4481.